Increase your business over 20% in the next six months!

How is it that top performing wholesalers stay on top year after year? What do they do that is different than other wholesalers that allows them to endure through adverse market or product environments and continually outperform their peers?

For more than 20 years, we have been researching the most effective wholesaling techniques and teaching thousands of sales professional how they can maximize their productivity. 

The Advanced Wholesaling Academy is based on current wholesaling trends from our research partner Cerulli and Associates combines the latest advisor data with current Sequoia best practices to provide wholesalers with the blue print to become a Perennial Top Performer!

In this program, wholesalers will learn how to:

  • Successfully allocate the right amount of time with current top producers
  • Efficiently target and convert new top prospects
  • Get into the corner office
  • Minimize time spent scheduling while maintaining a full calendar
  • Maintain “top of mind” relevance with top prospects over a long sales cycle
  • Uncover what is truly important to their client’s business


What would it mean to increase your business by 20% in the next six months?

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The full-day session is $1,495… register by January 31, 2018 and get our Early Bird rate of $995.

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