Sequoia Wholesaler Bootcamp

The Wholesaler Bootcamp provides sales professionals with a system, processes, and best practices to help them maximize their time with the “right” clients and prospects and focus on the proactive, high-impact activities that most effectively drive opportunities through the sales process. Attendees will learn new strategies that can have an immediate and exponential impact on their business and overall success, including tips on efficient client coverage, high potential prospecting, gaining access to advisors, and time and activity management.

Who’s a fit for the Wholesaler Bootcamp?

  • The best practices shared will benefit any wholesaler – regardless of experience or performance level.
  • The content crosses product lines and channels with ideas that can be implemented in any intermediary sales relationship.
  • The session is also a great opportunity for internal wholesalers who are close to earning a spot in the field – preparing them to be more strategic in their approach from the onset.

At this Bootcamp Wholesalers will learn how to:

  • Effectively segment clients and prospects and apply the 16X Factor to your business
  • Build a pipeline that can exponentially increase your new producer conversion rates
  • Identify and maintain focus on High Impact Activities that drive your results
  • Successfully communicate your “X Factor” and gain access to more top producers
  • Maintain “top of mind” relevance with top prospects over a long sales cycle
  • Leverage principles of influence to increase client engagement
  • Move more opportunities through the sales process, including the commitment stage