Advanced Activity Management

This one day program was developed with the belief that focused activity will contribute to future success in sales, optimize your sales teams’ efficiency and ultimately provide the ability to leverage, strengthen and deepen your teams’ best relationships.

At Sequoia, we believe one of the most important differentiators is who you are spending time with in your territory. According to a research study done by Cerulli Research Initiatives, field sales professionals spend only 20% of time at appointments with top status clients. As a result, our program starts with a focus on Target Marketing. We introduce our unique Sequoia Segmentation Model as a mathematically proven approach to segment your current client list. A Segmentation Analysis Report is run for each participant to encourage transfer of knowledge from the classroom to real life. Additional business strategies that complement your firm will be discussed to give participants real life applications. Then, participants will create a Top Client Profile to differentiate their best clients from the “other clients”. Participants will develop both quantitative and qualitative criteria that establish what an ideal client would look like specific to their business line and / or channel. Coaching from a Sequoia Facilitator, as well as industry best practice sharing, will be woven throughout.

The emphasis in our next section includes expanding your footprint through prospects and referrals. Sequoia’s 4-Step Conversion Process includes a stream-lined progression for converting top prospects to clients. Additional emphasis is given to the importance of leveraging your existing clients through referrals and introductions. Sequoia’s last step of the process includes tracking your success through measurement, an essential component for behavior change. We will again use participant’s segmentation reports to further drive the value of the learning.

The last section of the program focuses exclusively on Territory Management. It is critical for the sales professional to have an understanding of territory mechanics: how they maneuver their territory, understanding when to schedule appointments and finally what activities result in the most sales.

Facilitated discussion, group exercise and Sequoia tools and templates are employed to ensure the participant’s ability to carry the skills into their daily practice. A report template will be provided to management to track the progress your team has made with incorporation of skills and routines. This program can be tailored to meet the specific priorities of a given firm, division or team.

Expected outcomes include:

  • Elevation of impact in both activity and results with clients
  • Understanding the impact and the various applications of segmentation
  • Identification of productive client criteria to develop a top client profile
  • Implement a refined process for converting high potential prospects to top clients
  • Develop a range and sequence of meetings to leverage existing clients
  • More efficient application of time and effort across geography and client segments
  • Ability to measure success daily

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