Core Skills Program for Field Sales Professionals

The Core Skills Program was developed from the premise that all field sales professionals must have a business model and processes from which they work. Our goal is to provide the framework and the opportunity for each participant to develop and refine their skills, process and routines.

The three foundations within our model are Target Marketing, Territory Management and Sales Process.

Target Marketing concerns itself with client segmentation, determining specific profiles for top prospects and clients, a high potential conversion process, time management, budgeting best practices and defining a level of service to execute with clients.

Territory Management delves thoroughly into issues such as defining zone coverage, leveraging time for greater efficiency, best practices in working with internal sales partners, scheduling best practices and a productivity enhancing point system.

Sales Process breaks down successful selling into a four step process: Information Gathering, Value Proposition, Action Steps and Gaining Commitment.

Facilitated discussion, group exercise and Sequoia tools and templates are employed to ensure the participant’s ability to carry the skills into their daily practice.

The Core Skills Program will help sales professionals:

  • Understand the execution and impact of segmenting clients and prospects
  • Identify productive client relationships with greater clarity
  • Implement a refined process for converting high potential prospects to producers
  • Better manage time and effort across geography and client segments
  • Incorporate scheduling best practices into your day to day activities
  • Measure success against daily activities
  • Develop mutual expectations with vital members of their team
  • Develop prepared questions for seeking criteria
  • Attain new best practices for interviewing clients
  • Apply select best practices in daily structure and time management
  • Clearly define levels of service for their clients

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