Referral Forest

Sequoia’s Referral Forest Program introduces an effective and repeatable six step process with measurable outcomes for gaining referrals from existing top clients and generating new business from those referrals.

The most effective strategy for building new business is to obtain introductions and referrals from existing clients. It is equally true that few sales professionals have a well-articulated, repeatable process for gaining introductions and referrals.

The Sequoia six step referral process helps sales professionals:

  1. Segment producers to clearly define which clients to seek referrals from
  2. Select the optimal referral candidates
  3. Prepare an approach to effectively ask for referrals
  4. Execute highly effective first meetings with referral prospects
  5. Utilize consistent actions steps and follow-up methods
  6. Track success, measure results and reset the process


At the conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Identify how referable they are
  • Apply client segmentation to select optimal referral sources
  • Understand the difference between productive vs. production relationships
  • Utilize effective positioning statements to requests referrals
  • Have a well-defined approach and execution sequence to convert the referral
  • Discern which success metrics to measure
  • Know how to refresh the process to sustain momentum

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