High Impact Calls for Internal Sales Professionals

A typical internal sales professional conducts thousands of calls every year. In point of fact, those thousands of calls are actually comprised of 8 – 10 specific calls done hundreds of times. For most organizations, 3 or 4 particular calls produce the highest impact when measured against client commitment to future business. In order to maximize the result from every effort, the high impact calls cannot be left to chance.

High Impact Calls: Accelerating the Sales Process addresses the process and routines required before, during and after these select calls, resulting in better execution, stronger commitment and more business.

Among the topics covered during the program are:

  • Inventory of Calls: High Impact Filtering
  • Excellence in Preparation: Checklist Criteria and Questions
  • Interview Best Practices
  • Organizing Your Message
  • Gaining Commitment
  • The Scripted Close
  • Excellence in Follow-Through

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