Wholesalers are challenged more than ever to grow and manage their territories. The competition to connect with advisors and close new business has never been greater.

Sequoia’s virtual wholesaling series provides the processes and strategies that sales professionals can utilize to maximize their success now and into the future.


Growing Clients and Adding New Top Producers – Week 1

  • Segmentation method to determine the value of your top clients, prospects and the 16X Factor
  • Consistent process and the techniques to validate high opportunity prospects and focus on the advisors that can exponentially grow your business

Managing Your Territory, Time and High Impact Activity – Week 2

  • Territory coverage model that maximizes time with top advisors and prospects
  • Managing the “new” work week: office days, virtual and face-to-face meetings. Scheduling best practices and filling the calendar
  • Identify high impact activities and develop a systematic approach to increase and maintain focus on the behaviors that move clients and prospects through the sales process from discovery to closing

Breaking Though with Top Prospects – Week 3

  • Positioning statements that get people’s attention in the first 30 seconds
  • Follow-up consistently with impact

Core Skills Virtual Series

  • (3) Live Virtual Training Sessions
  • Customized Territory Analysis
  • Wholesaler eLearning Platform Subscription
    For More Details Email: John@sequoiasystem.com or call 630-669-0900.