Coaching and Managing Performance

This program is designed to provide structure, tools and processes that enable sales management to elevate their impact on the productivity of their team individually and collectively. Participants are exposed to a framework for moving a team forward successfully against prioritized initiatives. A variety of communication and coaching methods and techniques are discussed as well as assistance in determining the specific skills to be developed within the team. Additionally, the program assists participants in defining performance measures across a range of desired behaviors.

On-point discussion, group exercise and a variety of templates are frequently employed to enhance the participants’ ability to carry the skills into their daily practice. Additionally, the Sequoia Coaching Guide and the Sequoia Guide for Managing Change, well developed tools for coaching and evaluating the systems and processes advocated by Sequoia, are utilized to simplify the coaching experience. Finally, each participant will begin to build their annual coaching plan as part of this program.

Sequoia’s Sales Management Program Helps Managers:

  • Learn effective coaching methods and techniques
  • Develop a set of criteria for determining performance and ranking direct reports
  • Understand time management techniques and best practices for managing priorities
  • Discover a process for managing change
  • Increase their productivity as a manager


Sequoia offers both field and internal sales management programs.

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