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Core Skills (Field)
May 13 - 14
Internal Core Skills
Sept. 23 – 24
Relationship Management
Oct. 14 – 15
Sales Desk Management
Oct. 21 – 22
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Field Wholesalers


Internal Wholesalers


Field Sales Management


Relationship Managers


Internal Sales Management

Sequoia is the premier professional development company for sales professionals involved in the distribution of financial products. We provide proven, relevant, actionable and easy to implement tools and ideas exclusively for the financial services industry.

The Sequoia tree is the ultimate symbol of strength, growth and perseverance. This is what we stand for at Sequoia and it is in part why we have chosen it to be the name of our firm, Sequoia System International. For we believe the work we do with sales professionals helps them achieve both personal and professional growth, builds upon strengths they currently possess and guides them to persevere with newly acquired skill sets.

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