Sales Training

Sales Training

The Sequoia System provides practical & measurable processes to help teams improve their skillset and be more consistent in building relationships with their best clients & prospects.

Sequoia’s Principle Belief

The 80/20 Principle (Pareto’s Law) observes that 80% of the results flow from 20% of the causes. It is an empirical ‘law’ that has been verified in economics, business and interdisciplinary science.

Pareto’s 80/20 Principle is one many know intellectually, but few have it in the muscle. We all know intellectually how to run a marathon, but few have it in the muscle to carry out the necessary requirements. We find the same to be true with the 80/20 Principle. We help teams tap into the 80/20 principle to make it work for them and their business by enhancing efficiencies across clients, time & activity management. This formula is the most strategic formula for you to maximize your time, effort, and sales.

The Foundations & Core Beliefs for Sales Professionals

Target Marketing

Target Marketing is all about the “Who”. Sales teams have more data being thrown at them than ever from all sorts of different directions & sources. This foundation helps salespeople weed through all the noise and focus their time & energy on the “right” clients and prospects.

Territory Management

Territory (Activity) Management is all about how you actually get things done. What does a productive day, week or month look like? How can we do more of the activities that drive results much more consistently with the right people.

Sales Process

The Sales Process is all about the client engagement. From the preparation to the execution to the follow-up, how are we structuring our highest impact engagements with our clients & prospects to ensure that we’re not leaving anything to chance.

#1 Curriculum Designed Specifically for Sales Professionals

Our program is customized & tailored to fit your specific business & team to ensure an experience that is relevant and actionable. That is why over 50,000 sales professionals and hundreds of organizations from boutique to Fortune 500 have partnered with us for over 25+ years. We know that what separates consistent top performers from everyone else is their ability to implement and maintain a consistent process with regards to how they manage their business. We help successful teams take what is already working and enhance the structure & process to elevate their success to the next level.