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What separates consistent top performers from the pack? Their ability to focus their time, activities, and resources on the “right” clients and top prospects that give them an exponential return.

For the past 25 years, wholesalers that implemented the structure, processes, and system from Sequoia into their business model have become top performing sales professionals. Now you can bring the system to life for your entire team right in your CRM.

Sequoia’s Territory Analytics for Salesforce allows you to automate proven processes and best practices and increase your entire team’s productivity

Sequoia’s New Salesforce Add-on Benefits

  • Salespeople spend more time selling and less time analyzing data
  • Increase top prospecting and new business development activities
  • Incorporate third party data and have your best opportunities and clients in one place
  • Reinforce a consistent sales process and common “language” across the organization
  • Automate time consuming data analysis and free up sales enablement resources

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